We are passionate about customer care, as we know it surrounds business success. Our team of fully trained staff are just a phone call away to provide all the technical and practical support about the products needed to complete a successful project.

CPD Seminars

Nufins offer a comprehensive range of Professional Development Seminars suitable for Engineers, Contractors and other civil engineering and construction individuals. In line with industry and professional body guidelines, these seminars can be delivered at your offices or at Nufins office.



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Enjoying an excellent reputation within the industry for quality products, excellent value and exemplary customer service, the company’s manufacturing facility processes bitumen, epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic resins together with aggregate and powder blending.
Nufins resin facility operates to zone 1 for highly flammable materials, and we are a Quality Assured manufacturer, reflecting the quality of products the company supplies. Fully accredited to an internationally recognised Quality Management System, we are able to provide full trace ability of product and constantly monitor our processes to ensure that we offer all customers the highest levels of service.




Contact our technical team +44(0)191 416 8360

Technical Support

Our Technical Team are on hand to answer your questions, and to support you on every project. With an unrivaled level of experience stretching over 50 years, we will ensure your project is completed successfully and Nufins once again find the right product for you.

Contact our technical team on +44(0)191 416 8360

Site Support

Supporting you on site is what we do best, and is why we have maintained excellent relationships with our customers for many years, by providing high quality guidance and advice on site. Whether you require a site visit to determine the most suitable Nufins product for your particular challenge or would like us to ensure your team are using our products correctly - we are here to help.
For site support contact +44(0)191 416 8360