Epicon Injection Resin Used To Successfully Seal Cracks In Precast Panels

When Irish Gulf approached Nufins asking if we had a product that they could inject into cracks in precast panels, meaning that structural integrity could be maintained without having to scrap the panel, we had just the product.


Our Epicon Thixotropic Injection Kit has all the items needed to undertake the injection works without high costs. The Epicon range can penetrate crack widths as little as 0.1mm and fill >90% of the crack depth, reaching cure strengths of an impressive 70MPa at 24 hours!


Using the full injection kit the process could not be simpler. First, the contractor sets the injection ports in place and seals the face of the crack using the Formfil provided.


injection ports


Once this has hardened simply mix the resin and place into a cartridge gun, attach the plastic tubing to the top of the first injection port and start injecting, once you see the resin reach the second injection port move onto the next port, slowly moving your way up the full face of the crack until sealed.


injection ports


Once this process had been followed on all the cracks, Formfil is sanded back and injection ports removed.


injection ports


Gerry, Director of Irish Gulf commented; "This is such a simple system, but don't let that deceive you, this is a seriously good product, I’d have no hesitation in recommending the Epicon Resin to anyone!"


For all your construction needs, do as Gerry did and #ThinkNufins.


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